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Dave Trapped in The Server Room, Inc. Declares Victory in Domain Name Dispute with Slide, Inc.

Company Plans To Turn the Drama into Film, SLIDETV – THE MOVIE

Redwood City, CA – Oct. 7-- SLIDETV®.com, Inc. today declared victory in its domain name dispute with Slide, Inc. in what has been described as a modern day David vs. Goliath story. The Redwood City, California-based internet marketing company now plans to turn the drama into a feature film called SLIDETV – THE MOVIE.

The domain name dispute began in March 2008, when the marketing manager received an unsolicited email from an individual inquiring about purchasing the domain name, Inc., the owner of the domain, declined the solicitation stating that the domain name was not for sale.

In April 2008, it was discovered that a company named Slide, Inc was behind the solicitation. By that time,, Inc. had already filed a trademark for the term SLIDETV® and registered more than 128 related domain names using SLIDETV as part of the company’s long-term strategy to launch a network of more than 300 infotainment marketing portals.

Slide, Inc. persisted in its requests and, over a period of several weeks, representatives from the company sent a series of emails in an unsuccessful attempt to purchase the domain names. On June 24, 2008, Slide, Inc. filed a complaint with ICANN under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP). The case was accepted by the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

"The case dragged on for eight weeks and legal bills mounted," said John D. Bryan,, Inc. co-founder. "But we were determined to go the distance. SLIDETV, Inc. would not yield. This is still America,” said Bryan. “There is still a thing called the free market and we weren’t going to be bullied into forking over our business just because some bigger company came knocking on our door demanding that we do so.”
On August 13, 2008 the National Arbitration Forum Panel concluded that the relief sought by Slide, Inc. shall be denied and wrote in its decision:

“…the domain names at issue are not identical or confusingly to Complainant’s SLIDE mark and, in any event, Respondent’s January 16, 2006 registration of predates Complainant’s date of first use in commerce of its registered SLIDE mark. Respondent’s subsequent registration of 127 more “slidetv” variant marks after contact with Complainant to discuss purchase of the domain name cannot be deemed bad faith registrations because Respondent had the right to expand on his original registration which trumped Complainant’s use in time.”

Read the UDRP Domain Name National Arbitration Forum Decision at

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The victory against Slide, Inc. sparked a brainstorming session by the, Inc. Board of Directors leading to the feature film idea. "Our company already specializes in producing viral videos so the leap to the silver screen seemed like a logical step," stated Bryan. The decision was bolstered by Facebook’s recent movie deal.

“Our film will be a fictional dramedy based on the true story of SLIDETV as told from the point of view of the company’s mascot -- a webmaster named Dave,” said Bryan.

SYNOPSIS: Dave is an anxiety ridden, self-described tech geek who frequently locks himself in the server room to consume energy drinks while avoiding his co-workers. In the late 1990’s with little or no money, Dave crisscrosses the country from Florida to Hawaii, working odd jobs and meeting a wide range of interesting people.  On his quest he finds personal, professional, and spiritual fulfillment. Throughout his travels he uses a special toy -- a sock monkey -- as a conduit drawing him into a series of extraordinary experiences.

During his epic journey, Dave encounters personalities ranging from a mystical shaman, to major film stars, to a variety of other travelers, day laborers, and characters of the road, including extra-terrestrial aliens and UFO’s.  It is these adventures, and the transition to his role as the SLIDETV webmaster, that comprise the majority of the plot leading up to "the battle of SLIDETV."

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