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A fictional dramedy about a webmaster named Dave.

Synopsis: Meet Dave Roid, an anxiety ridden, self-described tech geek who frequently locks himself in the server room to consume energy drinks while avoiding his co-workers. In the late 1990’s with little or no money, Dave crisscrosses the country from Florida to Hawaii, working odd jobs and meeting a wide range of interesting people. On his quest he finds personal, professional, and spiritual fulfillment. Throughout his travels he uses a special toy -- a sock monkey -- as a conduit drawing him into a series of extraordinary experiences.

During his epic journey, Dave encounters personalities ranging from a mystical shaman, to major film stars, to a variety of other travelers, day laborers, and characters of the road, including extra-terrestrial aliens and UFO’s. It is these adventures, and the transition to his role as the SLIDETV webmaster, that comprise the majority of the plot.

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